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Vincent Péré
Arnaud Péré
Simon Cagna

The story of Monsieur TSHIRT

Once upon a time, on May 5, 2013, a trio of joyful friends decided to leave everything behind and establish a company where they could craft and provide products designed to bring smiles to everyone's faces primarily with the aim of delighting themselves. What better way to share this wonderful concept than by offering unique gifts?

Monsieur TSHIRT was born, and Arnaud, Vincent, and Simon bid farewell to the suits and ties cherished by their former employers for good. Rumor has it that floral shirts have been frequently spotted in the Monsieur TSHIRT offices, a claim confirmed by the Bad Taste Brigade.

Beyond the 'lol', Monsieur TSHIRT strives to bring joy to the world with unique, emotionally-charged personalized gifts, delivered hyper-fast, ensuring an experience free of unpleasant surprises.

Monsieur TSHIRT has already delivered more than 4 million smiles in France (not including those who laughed twice), and since 2022, we've been spreading joy in Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium through dedicated websites. And yes, today we speak all languages!

10 years of Monsieur TSHIRT's existence — 10 years of experience, punchlines and invented designs — created 


years of Monsieur TSHIRT s existence


employees between Bordeaux, Paris and Brussels


resellers of our works


punchlines and invented designs

Our corporate values


Unless you're napping on the classroom radiator - or have just clicked on "Our values" - you can't miss our sense of humor (and our humility of cours). It's a core value that guides us daily, from designing models to getting to know our customers.

Team spirit

While the debate over 'crisps' or 'chips' continues, there is unanimous agreement when it comes to enjoying a barbecue together.

Customer service

Every customer's smile is the outcome of a flawless experience, and a successful joke is, above all, a well-told one!


We operate on the principle that there are as many people to make smile as there are... people. We began in France in 2013, expanded to Europe in 2023, and plan soon to inspire the rest of the world.


Take for instance a white t-shirt: accessible, timeless, and instantly comfortable. Precisely what we aim to represent.

Our commitments

Establishing an ethical production model

Recycling and reclamation



Well-being in the workplace

Sponsorship of social initiatives

As you can see, Monsieur TSHIRT strives to create an ethical, local CSR approach.